Group Equipment

The Accumulated Group Gear


480 kg Fresh Food
270kg Balanced Wild Food
30kg Salted Wild Boar Meat
9x Coffee Cans (50 uses ea.)
10x Boxes Asst. Packaged Food (24 meals ea.)
3x Cases Camping Meals (30 meals ea.)

314x 7.62×54R
200x 7mm Remington Magnum
100x 8mm Mauser
196x 5.56
200x 7.62×39mm
500x 7.62×51mm
200x .300 Winchester Magnum
100x 30.06
100x .338 Lapua
100x 6.5×55mm
200x .22LR
100x 10mm Auto
200x 9×19mm
100x 5.7
107x .357 Sig
200x .32 ACP
197x .38 Special
92x .45 ACP
100x .40 S&W
100x .44 Magnum
100x .454 Casull
200x 20 gauge
441x 12 gauge
-1×10 gauge

1x Small Fixed Generator w/ 750L Bulk Tank (empty)
1x Small Arms Workshop (Gunsmithing Tools & Reloading Bench) with dies for:
-20 gauge
-.38 Special/.357 Magnum
-.380 Auto
-10 gauge
1x Air Compressor w/ Rescue Saw
8x Solar Cells
4x Rolls Camo Netting
2x Small Group Water Filter
1x Mechanics Tools
1x Printed Map (USGA Topographic Map)
2x Camp Beds
2x Duty Flashlights
3x Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
3x Units of Small Batteries
1x Unit Medium Battery
1x Stationary Shortwave Radio w/ Base Station Aerial


3x 200L Drums of Ethanol
8x Jerry Cans (20L) of Ethanol
1x 750L Bulk Tank (on Light Trailer) of Ethanol
4x Jerry Cans (20L) of Biodiesel
1x 200L Drum Gasoline
8x Jerry Cans (20L) Diesel

Running Totals:
Ethanol: 1510L
Gasoline: 200L
Biodiesel: 80L
Diesel: 143L

12x Units First Aid Supplies
7x Units Surgical Supplies
5x Bags IV Fluids
4x Units Burn Gel
2x Units Hydration Salts
1x Unit Dental Supplies
1x Clotting Agent
1x Unit Broad Spectrum Antibiotic (pill)
1x Unit Pain Reliever, Strong (Vicodin)
1x Unit Antidiarrheal, Liquid (Peptobismol)
1x Autoinjector, Stimulant, Strong (Epipen)
1x AED
2x EMT Shears
1x Set GP Tools
1x Set Dental Tools
1x Set Surgical Tools, Comprehensive
1x Set Surgical Tools, Specialized (Extremities)
10x Units Disposable Syringes


Group Equipment

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